has gathered some good recipes for you to try.  So, go for it! Surprise your friends with a well-cooked authentic
Spanish dish.
When you drop by a cafe in Spain before dinner, you find yourself in the midst of garrulous Spaniards relishing tapas -- a variety of
small savory treats, served hot or cold. Tapas are the perfect introduction to the joy of Spanish cuisine. Buen Provecho!
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Both straightforward and exotic dishes: from the interior of Spain come pork, ham and sausage; the Atlantic yields anchovies, cod
and tuna; the Mediterranean brings flavors of olive and garlic; and, from the South, Moorish seasonings of saffron and almonds.
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Healthy Mediterranean cuisine meets its zenith in the salads and soups of sunny Spain -- seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables
garnished with cheese, peppers, herbs and spices; soups brimming with natural flavor, whether hot or chilled.
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From all corners of Spain come wide varieties of sauces: Catalan combinations of nuts, garlic and olive oil; tantalizing creations of
almonds and honey that evoke echoes of the Moors and the Near East; the sublime culinary artistry of the Basques.
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Many Spanish treats revolve around delectable confections of eggs, almonds, and honey in the form of marzipan, cookies and ice
cream -- all drawn from their Moorish past. Yet the universal childhood favorite is a plateful of churros and chocolate.
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Spanish Tortilla
Traditional Spanish Recipes
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